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    A more economical and more clean electromagnetic heating expert


LG Factory

  Saijin far infrared radiation heater is the first choice for plant heating station. And the economy, the use of the effect is particularly good in the station engineering, the factory is also very necessary for local heating, after installation of the product should be equipped with the relevant temperature control system. This allows the worker to flexibly control the temperature during and during work during work.


Sale of new energy high temperature solar panels

  Saijin new energy high temperature solar panels by the original heat, heat sink, insulation and far infrared surface shell and other components, there is no fan. Heat the original heat transfer to the heat transfer to the radiator quickly coupled with the role of far infrared, the surface temperature of the radiator can reach 220-280 degrees Celsius above.


Electromagnetic heating transformation

  I have many companies in the various plastic processing enterprises to install detection, energy saving and environmental protection high-frequency heating system for plastic processing enterprises is very effective energy-saving effect, saving electricity up to 30% -70%.

Listing ceremony

  A more economical and more clean electromagnetic heating expert

Equipment supply

The company has been "technology and development" for the purpose of "quality of survival" approach.

Energy saving new energy

  Has the largest lithium bromide central air conditioning manufacturing base at the same time

Exhaust gas treatment equipment

  The resources, energy recycling and recycling as the concept of environmental management.Into the works and products, to provide users with the most.

Circulating cooling water

  Circulating cooling water system The larger industrial types are: coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, steel and so on.

Electromagnetic heating can be modified

.  Electromagnetic heaters are a device that converts electrical energy into heat energy using electromagnetic induction.

Far infrared heater

  Saijin far infrared thermostat is a clean, safe, comfortable and healthy heating system.

Central air conditioning

  Central air conditioning system energy-saving implementation of the object for the entire central air-conditioning system and ventilation system, including the central air-conditioning system and fresh air system.


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